Is Email Dead?

Email started in 1982. But it took the main stream when it was made free by email services like Hotmail.

Than came series of email services like Netscape, AOL, Yahoo and finally Gmail. When Gmail was launched it became instant hit emailing platform. Gmail had some privacy issue but the easy of use, geeky out look, thread emails and lots of free space help it to become the most popular email service. My 99% contact emails are now gmail. But after 6 yrs my wish list is that Gmail increase free space to 20GB and been a search engine its time Gmail add feature of searching within attachments.

Facebook, Twitter and other are becoming a new mode of mass communication. But even after 29 yr email is still a primary mode of communication in business world. But will love to see some innovation in this space.

Some of my suggestions are:

1. Confirmation that email is delivered

2. Notification when the email is read

Would like to know your views for the same … leave your thoughts in comments.

After Thought: All big search engine starts a email service later .. like Yahoo , Google etc

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