Google Now … Your Personal Assistant

Google-Now-LogoGoogle Now is a most ambitions project by Google till date. May been hence when it was launched it was never go the attention which it deserves.

Google Now started shipping with Jelly Bean version of Android platform. Its is tightly integrated with the OS.

Google Now can do following numbers of things:


Boarding passWalk/Cycled summaryNext appointmentWeatherTraffic



Restaurant reservations



Friends’ birthdayYour birthdaySportsMoviesConcerts


Public alerts

Developing story & breaking news

Research topic


Public transitPlacesNearby attractionsNearby eventsNearby photo spots



Time at home

Public transit

And this is just a start. Google Now is a platform which will keep on integrating cool new stuff. Google Now is fast in translating your speech to text and give you result you expect from it.

But the best thing about Google Now is that AI it uses to predict for things which you might be interested it. The prediction will blow your mind. Once you start using and get depended on Google Now then you cannot image using mobile of any other platform. It becomes your Personal Assistant .. so get a android phone today which supports jelly bean and use it to believe the power of Google Now.

For more check out Google Now home page.



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