20 days without a Smart Phone .. Get control of your Life

So how does it feel after 20 days without a Smart Phone?

I sold off my Samsung Note and switch to a Nokia e63 for last 20 days. Some people must have though that I am crazy to do this. But here are some Pro’s and Con’s


Life is much more relaxed without constant connectivity with internet.

No distraction of continuous emails to disturb you.

Better battery life.

Phone is primary used as a phone for calling and texting 🙂

I got more time to do things I wanted to do. Smart Phone is replacing TV as the number one time waster. As sometime you just keep on using the phone without actually doing anything productive .. its just like changing channels on your TV.



I missed the connectivity of smart phone for a while but then got used to it.

I missed better camera of Smart Phone.

I missed reading of books on my Smart Phone.

I missed the constant sharing of text, pictures etc


I have learned to be more disciplined with my experience without a Smart Phone.  I have learned that if you have access at your finger tips, it doesn’t imply that you have to use it. I have learned to pace my work, my time, my life as I want it to be. And if there is something important people will always find a alternate method to contact you regardless of email or whatsapp etc.


I suggest you to try it out yourself to induce discipline in your life. And I would suggest that you repeat whenever you realise that you now forgetting the lesson.


PS: Currently I am using Nexus 4 for those who wanted to know.


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