100 days of keeping email to Zero mailers

inbox-zeroFinally completed 100 days of keeping my email inbox to zero emails. Once you are hooked to this process and discipline its very difficult to thing how people keep there life organize having their email pending. The best way to keep organize is to make sure your email box is clean and organized.



I cannot think how can I mange my work with having any email pending in my Inbox.

Following are the  few process which I have followed which has helped me in achieving Zero emails.

  1. Delete the emails which you thing is not useful. If you think you are going to read (informative emails) when you are free that doesn’t happen, either you remove 2 minutes to read it then or just delete it.
  2. Make labels as per your need, tag the emails accordingly and archive the email once replied.
  3. Make a label or folder called delete and move everything in it which you dont thing is important but you might need it handy for few days but less than 3 weeks. After a month delete all email which are a months old from this tag.
  4. Boomerang is a service which can schedule your reply to send it later and also be used as reminders. I heavily use service like Boomerang for snoozing email which I dont need to reply today or needs to be reminded about in some future date (like remind me after 2 days). For more you can check out at http://www.boomeranggmail.com/
  5. Some email in which you dont have just follow up, then forward it to the person who has to do the needful and set a reminder for the same using Boomerang.

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