Day without phone

no-phonesWhat will be your day without a phone? Totally disconnected with the digital world. Total digital silence. I presume it will be the most relaxing and productive day of my life. I am looking ways to achieve this but have not yet been successful. I would love to experience it some day. Do let me know if you have achieved it or have any tips of the same.


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2 thoughts on “Day without phone

  1. The day I forget the phone to office is very productive day for me as I am waiting for any call or message and also I have used that first instance as a mark to turn this incident into more productive in future. I have diverted my phone calls to my house number and they answer if this is someone related else its a miss call. Anyone not able to reach will come through office front desk, that makes easy to get notes and reminder to call back. That made me very free of any disturbance from all net-apps and i just switch from passive mode to active mode after office hours. Do tell me how this would be if you do that same.

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