Scarce things are always valuable

ScarcityplantScarce things are always valuable in nature. Its just common sense, that scarce things are more valuable. As they are not easy to get.

Kids value time of their parents.

Time once time passes it will not come back. Hence time is the most valuable commodity, which we all seams to take it for granted.

We all accept that Time is the most valuable thing, but we all tend to ignore to use it wisely. To make sure you use your time properly, Lets budget our time. Lets make a schedule and make sure we follow it. Scheduling will be power tool/process which will help us use our time wisely. There will be days when following will be difficult, but that should not discourage us from following it next day. The key will be consistences of how we follow schedule which will help us optimize the usage of our time.

I am still trying to figure out a best schedule for myself. Hope some of you are doing it better then me. Do let me know your valuable feedback as always in comment section below.

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