Bring sanity to chaos and get back to normal life

chaosWe live in a rainbow of Chaos – Paul Cezanne

Some time there is a phase in everyone life, in which life goes out of control. You are just in a reactive situation. Your time is demanded by every one and you just cannot ignore all of them. In times like these its very crucial to hang on at least on one good habit which will help you reduce stress and brings some sanity to chaos.

I choose to keep my Gmail inbox to zero emails. This kept my sanity in check and also was productive. It helped me to force out of reactive situation to pro active. No doubt it was difficult but I had to make sure emails gets to zero at the end of the day. Some days it was not possible, but the idea is not to get discourage by it and keep on the efforts so that next day your can reach your goal again.

The most important lesson which I learn is that once you stop your routine it is very difficult to get back on track. It requires lot of motivation. The key is to start from small and dont be so hard on your self. eg: if you were exercising 30 mins before start with just 5 or 10 mins. Make it so small so that you cannot say no to and you dont think it is too hard.

Hope this helps, this are just my thoughts as I said before I am just experimenting and learning on my way.
Do let me know your thoughts and suggestions in comments.

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