How to stop Email Distraction

email-distractionIn todays fast pace generation, email has became a generic tool for doing all necessary communication. Smart Phones have also increased the use of emails 24×7, now whenever you get a email you get a instant notification and hence you are inclined to reply or take action on that email.

On a average I receive 1600 emails in a month (i.e. more than 60 emails per day). Almost 75% of emails are not important, hardly 1% of emails needs to replied urgently. As we now carry our mobile with us all the time, we carry work with us all the time. Any new message or email or whatsapp notification distract us from whatever we were doing. The cost of that distraction gets huge over time.

There are 2 solution I can think of to avoid this distractions:

1. To stop checking email on regularly basis. Disciple our self that we check email on specific time allocated for emails (unless something urgent comes along). I have tried this but It doesn’t work for me. As once I get any communication I have a urge to reply it asap. Its good for urgent task, but not all task are urgent.

2. Change the environment around us which stops us to check emails all the time. This helps us automatically stop checking emails. I have disable sync gmail feature one my phone. Hence I dont get any new notification of email unless I refresh the App by wiping down in the app. This has worked perfectly for me. To Stop sync email just got to setting of the phone > go to accounts > select google and uncheck the gmail and any other app you dont want to sync automatically.

This has help me reduce email distraction distraction for me. Do let me know if it works for you or if you have any other suggestions.


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