WhatsApp is world largest Tele communication hub

whatsapp-logoWhatsApp is becoming dominant player in digital communication. It has over 1 billion users now. WhatsApp will make telecom sector useless soon. They started with just replacing SMS first by free text message, then they replaced MMS – Media like video / photos / music can now be easily shared across using WhatsApp. And now WhatsApp have started Calling feature by which you can call any one who has latest WhatsApp version installed and have activated WhatsApp Calling feature. So now you need Telecom providers only for 3g/4g bandwidth. I am personally receiving lesser call and emails now. Most of the work is shifted on WhatsApp. Only thing remaining now on WhatsApp is sharing of documents once they start that email will be only required for Longer messages and if something needs to be kept handy forever. WhatsApp has also Web version for Android users which is now very easy to use when you are working on PC so that you don’t have to check your mobile again and again.

PS: iPhone users still lags Calling / Web feature, which I am sure is under development.

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