Hack : How to wash your eyes with water without blinking

SplashWaterWashing eyes with water is tricky as most of use closes their eyes when water  hits eyes. This is because most of us have very fast reflect action. Even if we want to some time we cannot control our reflect action. Sometime it happens due to fear built in each of us to protect our self.

One of the easy way of cleaning eyes with water is when we cannot see water splashing on our face. Just close the light (if its night) or make sure you are in dark room and then try splashing water in your eyes. As we cannot see water hitting our face and reflection action will not kick in and we will not close our eyes. Try out this hack and let me know if it works for you too or if you have any suggestion too.

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2 thoughts on “Hack : How to wash your eyes with water without blinking

  1. Try looking at extreme left or right while splashing water in your eyes. This way also you would not be able to close your eyes. The action is to have hands filled with water and face upright gradually rotate your face down words and your hands towards the face as it come it direct contact SPLASHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Try it out…

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