Breaking the Time Barrier: How to Unlock Your True Earning Potential

breakingtimebarrier-coverBreaking the Time Barrier by Mike McDerment is a short book written about how to charge your customers if you are a freelancer, Entrepreneur, solution developer or a skilled worker. Its quite a short book only 70 pages, but packs a punch.

It advocates skilled workers mostly in service industries to come out of per hour rates to the value concept. As you will never will able to grow in per hour rates concept as there is limitation of number of hours you can give each day.

In value based concept its a mutual benefit to both the client and the service provider. There is a change in perception by which service charged it termed as investment then expense. So client will invest in service so that they can earn more, its a win win situation for both.

Best part is this book is free to download just visit and click on download button. Hope you enjoyed the books as I did.

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