Exercise in Summers

heatExercise should be a habit incorporated normal in our daily schedule. There are countless benefits of exercise which all of us agree too. But still many of use avoid it. And even those who do exercise, do leave them after sometime. Its very easy to give up on exercise, you just need one excuse (no time, not feeling well, will do it tomorrow etc).

In Summers its hot and doing any type of exercise is very difficult. Like even walking or running is exhausting due to heat. Also your diet drops as you don’t feel like eating and prefer drinking (water, juices etc) more then eating.

So what can you do to beat heat and do exercise? Try our following solutions:

1. Swim: Swimming is like refreshing in summers. If you can then should opt swimming in summers.

2.  Reduce work out for some days: Reduce work out so that at least you maintain your health if not improve.

3. Substitute exercise: You can replace certain stress full exercise with what ever feasible. Like walking or any other exercise which you like.

4. Hydrate all day: Make sure you drink enough water so that you keep your self hydrated all day.

5. Listen to your body: Dont stress your self too much. Do just what you can easily do so that its fun without any stress on your body or mind.

6. Timing of exercise is important: Timing of exercise is very critical in summers. Try and schedule time of exercise early in the mornings or after sunset so that climate is cooler and its easy to do exercise.

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