Have you used a Typewriter recently?

IMG_20150508_092607_HDRTypewriter was invented in 1860s. It is a very old piece of technology. It was primary used by writers, in office and at home. It was a quite a craze till word processor and PC took over.

It is always fun to use old technology as they were made to work even after so many years. There is no battery required 😉 for most of them. Many parts in the world still including in India Typewriter is been used (In India just go to any court you will find few people using Typewriters).

Recently I got one at home so that my kids and I can use them. They have to feel old technology which I had used for very brief time in my life. It was a very nostalgic feeling.  Kids had real fun using it as a instead feedback on paper was something they are not used to.

When we used to use Typewriter we used to be very focus in our writing as there is no delete button or function which we take granted for like editing. So what we write had to be thought of properly before we start.

Now days the our life is moving so fast, that we don’t stop and think any more. We are in constant rush to do things. Hence using old tech now on then makes you realized that and make you feel at peace. Use one and let me know 🙂

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