Bleep Private secured messaging service


Bleep is secured messaging service in which your message are only stored on your phones and never on the cloud. Also the message stored on device are also encrypted.

No Personal Info Required.
To get started with Bleep, all that is required is choosing a nickname. You can share your Bleep key (under Settings:Profile) wherever you like: forum post, twitter page, etc. And no one will have any of your other details. Optionally, you can verify your email addresses and mobile numbers with Bleep, which will let your friends discover you through Bleep when they open an account.

In Your Hands, Instead of the Cloud.
Bleep’s logo represents a folded note – a message passed directly, hand-to-hand. In our implementation, we keep messages and the encryption keys for images stored on your local device, not the cloud. For messages and metadata, there is no server for hackers to target and because you hold the keys, images can’t be leaked to haunt you later. We’ve solved serverless peer-to-peer messaging, including the ability to get offline friends your messages when they come back online.

Brand new for this release, is the ability to send whisper messages with Bleep. For parts of a conversation that you’d like to keep temporary, tapping “Go to Whisper” on your phone sends messages and pictures that disappear from devices after they’ve been viewed (25 seconds)

Adding friends is easy…
Invite friends via your device’s address book, their email, mobile number or Bleep key. In situations where you want to add a friend in-person, you can scan/share a Bleep code (tap “+”, tap “Bleep Code”).

Free Voice Calls.
Start a Bleep-to-Bleep call with any online contact by tapping the phone icon at the top of your text conversation. Calls are connected directly (no cloud), with end-to-end encryption.

iPhone, iPad, Android and Desktops…
Bleep is now available on iOS, and has significant updates on Android, in addition to being available for Mac and Windows desktop. Each device you own is registered with Bleep separately, but you can add your friends to each device stay in touch.

Bleep is available now at


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