Big Data by Viktor Mayer

bigdataBig Data is a book on latest trend of how to derived meaningful information from huge amount of data we have. Big Data is currently most sort by all the Big companies from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter to Microsoft. Many company are giving away the tools for free in return they get huge amount of Data which is like a Gold Mine to them. The book focuses on why we should not neglect any data as now storage is getting cheaper every year. Also we can use the same data for various other uses which might not be thought of while collecting it which author calls it secondary use. Example the search done in Google can be easily used to see the latest trend in a given country / society.

It will be very difficult and costly to get a perfect data any more due to information overload (unless you are a governing authority, still will be costly affair). But whatever messy data we have, it can be still used to gain meaningful information. We need to focus more on result then how we got this results as in the world of big data the combinations are so huge that we might not be able to pin point why there is certain trend going on.

In the end the author cautious us that we should use Big Data wisely, Its a tool and not a means to it. Over using or completely relying on the Big Data might bring false notions too.

Its a nice easy read. And if you want to dwell in the world of Big Data you should surely check it out. You can purchase if from Amazon by clicking here.

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