Upgraded Mi Band S1 with heart monitor a better fitness device

Xiaomi-Mi-Band-S1-HR-sensor-viewMi Band is a cheap fitness device created by Xiaomi. After a phenomenal success of Mi Band Xiaomi has now launched Mi Band S1 with a heart-rate monitor too for very roughly 30 USD including shipping charges. Currently its available only in china.

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Following things have changed in Mi Band S1:

  • A Heartbeat monitor has been added still keeping price point low.
  • Sleep monitor has become more accurate as now device use heartbeat monitor too conclude when you are awake and when you have slept.
  • The only downfall of adding a Heartbeat monitor is reduce of battery life, which is still commendably 30 days with full charge.
  • I am sure improvement in app also will help compete this cheaper fitness tracker with the likes of big boys in the fitness industries (fit-bit etc).

So should you buy it? Probably yes its a good upgrade to have at some additional cost.

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