59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot – Book review

59secsIn 59 seconds psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman presents a fresh approach to change that helps people achieve their aims and ambitions in easy ways. It is quite easy to read even though the topic is of how to change your psychology and view point. You can easily complete this book in a week or so.

It has many common point also mention in How You Can Easily Influence And Persuaded Others, but I found 59 seconds on a lighter side to read.

Few of the main point discussed in the book are:

  • Develop the Gratitude Attitude (Be thankful).
  • Be a Giver (Do your Good Turn).
  • Hang a Mirror in Your Kitchen (Avoid unhealthy food).
  • Buy a Potted Plant for the Office (Reduce Stress).
  • Touch People Lightly on The Upper Arm (More friendly).
  • Write About Your Relationship (To strengthen it).
  • Deal with by asking for an E-mail (To remove any confusion).
  • Praise Children’s Effort over Their Ability (To remove fear of failure).
  • Visualize Yourself Doing, Not Achieving (More likely to succeed).
  • Consider Your Legacy (Help to identify your long term goal).

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Following is a video by the author:

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