Ready Player One one of the best Sci-Fi novel

ReadyPlayerOneReady Player One written by Ernest Cline is one of the best science fiction I have read in sometime. It is like a Indian Jones played out in near future. The best part is you can easy relate to it as there are many reference to old Arcade games (like Tempest etc) and movies (like blade runner etc). I guess its meant for older audience as you will enjoy it more if you are from 1980s as many reference are from that era.  As you must have guess now its a treasure hunt in a virtual world. It also resembles to our urge to be always be online (in virtual world) more then reality (using email, WhatsApp etc all the time), and we feel disconnected if we are not online more then a day.

Its a fun book and easy to read. I was totally hooked to it and was able to complete it in 4 to 5 days. Would love to see it to be made in a movie, which I think is already in process and is going to be directed by Steven Spielberg :).

So you should not miss it. Buy your copy now by clicking here.

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