How to optimize and get most out of your mobile battery

battery-lifeMobile battery is the largest component in any mobile device. Still we generally run out of juice very soon. Following tips can help you get that extra life from your phone.

1. Black wallpaper: If you are using an AMOLED screen (most of the latest expansive phones has one), Using Black wallpaper can save significant battery life.
2. Doze: Marshmallow comes with a new feature called Doze, it is enabled by default and essentially allows your device to enter hibernation mode when it has been set to unused for a prolonged period of time. Try to have latest OS installed on your phone.
3. Use Greenify: Greenify allows you to put other apps into hibernation when they aren’t in use, preventing them from operating in the background.
4. A shorter screen timeout setting: Set your screen timeout from 15 secs to 1 minute and you will save 4 times of battery life.
5. Turn off features you are not using: There are many features which we are not using all the time example Bluetooth, GPS, vibrate, auto brightness, NFC, Turn off smart features like air gestures (if you are not using it all the time), try to get Wifi connection (as mobile 3G/4G are more battery intensive). Switch off animations and effects which are battery hogger.
6. Close Apps: Close apps which you are not using, keeping them in memory will not only slow your phone down but also decrease your battery life.
7. Use widgets only if required: Use widget only when you require it, as think them as constant apps which are always open.
8. Keep your apps updated: Make sure your apps are automatically updated, as most apps try to optimize memory usage / battery usage by resolving various bugs etc.
9. Stop auto sync: Stop auto sync or increase the frequency, You don’t need to get notification of emails every 15 secs.
10. Leave your Mobile and enjoy life: Today’s generation is addicted to mobiles, we cannot even think of leaving home without our phones. Phones are with us almost 20hours a day. We have habit of checking phones almost every few minutes. Try to overcome this urge of checking mobile on every opportunity you get and watch your battery life grow.

Let me know if you have any more tips or if these tips worked for you in comments below.

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