The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

tpeThe Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is written by Mike Michalowicz. Mike has used strong language just to motivate you enough to start your own business.

This book contains curse words. Not something you expect from a business book. This book speaks plainly, using language most of us use, and leaves behind stuffy business jargon and concepts that business newbies probably wouldn’t know. The result is a book that pulls no punches and challenges us to move on what we do know.

Mike shows a better replacement of Business plan with these 3 documents:

1. A Prosperity Plan – Your credo and vision for your success.

2. A Quarterly Plan – Your goals and objectives a quarter out

3. Daily Metrics – The numbers that immediately measure the health of your business.

You’ll also find ways innovative ways for following in this book:

– Get low-cost, no-cost employees and assistance

– Find office furniture

– Free conference calling and web casting
Get your copy today on a Kindle.

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