Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang

Story of Your Life starts as it is about communicating with an alien race. But its much more then that. There are 2 theme in this short stories which is hardly 33 pages and can be read in a day. First is about human and alien interface and another is about relationship of a mother with her daughter, those wore some of the most beautiful things I have ever read.

As someone who speaks two languages, it’s hard not to get giddy with excitement at Chiang’s representation of how learning other languages can expand your worldview in ways beyond your wildest imaginings.

Smart, sweet, short and full of fascinating concepts begging to be explored. Arrival movie is based on this book, which led me to read it. You have to read it experience the magic, I cannot describe it further without revealing the plot. Enjoy your read, let me know how do you feel after reading this book, as the book will remain in your head for couples of days for sure.

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