Migrating to PHP 7 is a must

PHP Application Development is gaining popularity worldwide. That’s because of its sheer flexibility. But is it even worth for businesses to grow in php development while switching to 7? Yes, of course it is! Let’s find out the benefits of upgrading from version 5.

1. Optimization: PHP 7 is highly optimized in every way, it was freshly developed. The entire code was written again and nothing has been carried forward in the code from previous versions. All glitches have been avoided this time.

2. Speed & performance: The most important benefit of migrating from php 5.6.15 to php 7.0.0. Compiling and executing code in php 5 is considerably slow than that of php 7, which is 2 times faster. Test it and notice its difference. The 7th version is super-fast and delivers high performance.

3. Less memory consumption: PHP developers will instantly want to switch to php 7 from php 5 since memory consumption is their main concern. This version is by far the best version of php since it consumes 50% less memory. Yes, that’s correct. This provides high performance in return.

There is no doubt that PHP 7 represents huge improvements over its predecessors. However, it is no easy task to switch from the existing system to PHP 7. Large environments such as those of Etsy and Wikimedia Foundation took over 6 months to switch and start working smoothly. So, you should expect issues for a while until things calm down. The above benefits of php 7 development over php 5 will help the business grow.  It’s worth migrate as soon as possible from php 5 to php 7 to keep up with the latest technology.

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