Moved my blog from WordPress to Grav

I have written about Grav before (you can check here). Grav is a CMS (Content Management System) without a database. It uses a flat file system and can be installed on any website running PHP. After testing a lot have finally ported my full site with the blog to Grav.

Following were the points which convinced me to move to Grav:

  1. It is fast. the site loads fast and it is easy to write content there is not much of fluff. Also, the site loads much faster than comparative WordPress site.
  2. It is easy to maintain too. As there is not Database involved you can just use a normal editor to edit things.
  3. It is easy to move from one server to other. It is almost like copying and paste.

Things either I am not aware or missing in Grav:

  1. Direct post to Twitter any new article posted. There might be a plugin to do so which I might not be aware if you know any let me know.
  2. In Admin Post are not order by the last date of edited or creation of items in a blog. This makes thing harder to search.
  3. Grav is new so you will need some technical knowledge to get the most out of it.

Give it a try you will love it Also, let me know any tips and tricks about Grav. I am still learning it ;).

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