Why PWA (Progressive Web App)?

PWA (Progressive Web App) is one of the most talked about technology shifts in web development. If you are building for the web application, I’m sure that you must have heard about PWA.

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website which can be linked to any mobile and works like a native app. It bridges the gap between Website and mobile app. Also creating PWA makes sense if you are a startup or have a small developer team, as maintaining both website and mobile app (that too for Android and iOS) is a lot of efforts. Not to mention the nightmare of update cycle as many users don’t update their apps and then it crashes and then they have the worst user experience.

All this can be avoided if you develop the site on the lines of PWA. It can work as a mobile app. Can be updated automatically once the user is online. Also, you can make it work offline. To make a PWA does require additional effort but it’s worth it than to maintain a mobile application all together as you have to worry only about one source code.

So I suggest you learn more about PWA and start moving your site using it asap. Basic PWA creation is very easy and it might just take 30 mins. Just Google PWA and you will find lots of tutorial for the same.

Let me know your feedback. I have currently updated namaaztracker.com to PWA and it has made my life so simple :).

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