WordPress 5 breaking Internet

Many users are unable to edit pages that they have made, and others will be unable to even access their edit screen. There may even be 500 errors or white screens for some users. These issues will mostly effect WordPress sites running older or unsupported themes or plugins, but may affect some brand-new sites as well.

The process for fixing these errors is well known among WordPress developers, but for the many people who use WordPress as a tool and not a livelihood, this can be a major issue, and there isn’t currently a clear source for information on remediating the issue.

The only solution as of now is move back to Classic Editor plugin

Installing and configuring the Classic Editor plugin is the first and most important debugging step for problems with WordPress 5.0. The Classic Editor plugin will restore the editing experience from WordPress 4.x.

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard at https://<your domain.here>/wp-admin
  2. Go to the Plugins section of the left-hand menu
  3. Click the “add new” button at the top
  4. Search for “Classic Editor” on the right-hand side
  5. Click “Install Now” on the card related to Classic Editor (By WordPress Contributors)
  6. When the installation completes, click “Activate”
  7. Go to the “Settings” section of the Dashboard’s left-hand menu, and open the “Writing Settings” link that appears.
  8. Ensure that “Replace the Gutenberg Editor with the Classic editor.” is selected. (this setting has changed with new versions of the Classic Editor plugin. Now there are two settings “default editor for all users” needs to be set to “Classic Editor” and “Allow users to switch editors” needs to be false)
  9. Check to make sure that you do NOT have the Gutenberg Plugin installed. If so, deactivate and uninstall the plugin.
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