Cool down your Macs and increase their performance

Overheating has become a common issue with Macs. Actually, believe it or not, thanks to Chrome, your mac may even be overheating when you are just BROWSING the web. Having an overheated Mac isn’t just uncomfortable to use, but as someone who likes to take full advantage of his technology, an utter waste of precious dollars spent. When the CPU reaches a temperature high enough, it will do anything to cool down the computer, which means slashing down your CPU’s performance.

Apple’s stubbornness to increase the speed of them. At times I’ve seen my Macbook go to upwards of 55 celsius and yet the fans are barely turned up and heard.

A simple yet very effective way to solve 90% of this problem is to simply turn up the fans manually. I would recommend maxing out your fans before doing something heavy, and leave the fans on until you are done with the task. I recommend using MacFanControl for this. Their service is completely free without ads, and I have been started using them now.

Install it today from and see the difference.

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Is your Chrome slowing down?

Chrome has become one of the most used browsers in current times. It has many features which make us stick to it and it has become irreplaceable. One of the major complaints about Chrome is that it is using lots of RAM or its slowing not just the browser but also the computer down.

You can check what is slowing down your Chrome. Just open Task Manager by selecting Option > More Tools > Task Manager.

In Task Manager you will able to see which tabs or extension is using how much RAM or CPU processing. You can either close this tabs or uninstall this extension if they are not behaving properly.

Try this out and make your Chrome as fast as it was before.

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